My name is Diego Rigales. I have dedicated, dedicate, and will dedicate my existence to 'the arts.' I was born from this Oga Po'geh/Tewa/Santa Fe dirt and will return to it once again.
These hands contain the power to create or destroy. This same duality of energy exists in all of us. I believe in a world where people trust each other. I believe in love. Time is an interesting thing; we are all just somewhere in time.
I seek neither fame nor fortune, simply peace. I believe in the communal - an idea in that we share something as a species. The work seen here exists with contextual intention in current time/space, yes, but will not make complete sense until the work is seen as a whole.
May these sculptures, this life of art, be a love letter to our ancestors, to you, and to the future of our species.

con amor, con piedad
~ 2024 ~
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~ initiation of first iteration of 'Creative Standard' ~

Duo Exhibition: November 2023
with Meow Wolf artist + designer Jaelah Kuehmichel
Private Estate, O'Ga P'Ogeh/Santa Fe, NM

Duo Exhibition: August 2023
Salon De Arte with painter Alvin Gill-Tapia
The La Doña Estate, Taos, NM

Solo Show: April 28 - May 12
Volviendo a Casa: Bobby Beals Presents: sculpture show featuring 30 pieces
Bishops Lodge Auberge/Tesuque, NM

Dia De Muertos Olfrenda: October 2022
El Dia De Los Muertos/Barrio Art: The Leyba Family & Friends: Artes Guadalupanos de Aztlan
El Museo Cultural, O'Ga P'Ogeh/Santa Fe, NM

Group Show: September - October 2022
FULL CIRCLE, Returning to the Land, Reclaiming Ourselves, presented by Alas de Agua & Three Sisters Collective
El Museo Cultural, O'Ga P'Ogeh/Santa Fe, NM

Solo Show: November 2021
Subconscious Design: sculpture show featuring 14 pieces
Horseshoe Gallery at Bishops Lodge

Group Publication: December 2020
Villa Scene for the Dreamer: photographs of two sculpture pieces
Coffee People Issue 11

Awarded Scholarship: October 2020
Beans and Rice Magazine: original idea by Luis Diego Rigales
Rainforest Pitch Competition
Awarded Scholarship: October 2019
Tea Bag Holder Coaster: original design by Luis Diego Rigales
Rainforest Pitch Competition
School of Architecture, University of New Mexico 
cum laude, BA (ARCH)

Georgia O'keeffe Arts and Leadership Program
Intern : designed projects + curatorial assistance with end of summer exhibition